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In a similar way that each of us have unique fingerprints, aura-chakra blueprints may provide an indication where our energy fits into the broader world. AuraCloud 3D is the premier technology to conduct precise aura-energy readings. The AuraCloud 3D camera delivers clear and constructive human energy readings. It also displays real-time aura and chakra results in a vibrant range of 3D formats that are designed to be simple to read. The goal is to help individual’s gain a higher level of understanding and self awareness, so they can blossom into true greatness by either changing or harnessing their inner energy. Our expert Practitioners will not only help you analyze the reports but also suggest ways to further enhance your aura and balance your chakra energy for you to enjoy a more confident and fuller version ofyourself. Based on the reports, our Practitioners will suggest the yoga and energy healing practices best suited to realign and balance your chakra and aura energy.

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