Festive – Skin Rejuvenation

WOW’s Skin Rejuvenation Package cleanses and detoxifies the body inside-out, which in turn brings that desired flawless, healthy and radiant skin.

The components of the Skin Rejuvenation Package are absolutely safe and use high qualified, uncompromised products.

Package details:

  • 1 X Skin Glow IV Drip, get instant glow with a Multi Vitamin and Minerals booster
  • 4 X Lipo Facial to define the jawline, lift the cheeks, cleanse the pores, remove the fine lines
  • 2 Day Fresh Juice Detox
  • 3 X Njavara Ayurvedic Herbal Facial for a glowing complexion, de-tan, uniform toning


2 Weeks

    (Customization Possible)

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