Quantum Meditation Workshop

What can you expect?

Getting rid of survival emotions that’s stopping you to raise your energy and your mind-heart coherence and manifest your desires.  Reprogramming your mind with new information and create a new mind set, emotions and beliefs. 

The process 

  • Individual Plan for each participant with daily monitoring of emotions, feelings and actions.
  •  An outlined online document where the therapist monitors your progress and guides you wherever it’s needed.
  •  Incident related emotions and conflicts – speak to the therapist to understand how to handle challenging situations that bring up survival emotions and how to deal with it.
  • Change of manifestation recording in the middle of 21 days, if there is a need depending upon what is the focus – survival emotions or manifestation or creating a new reality
  • Brief on the diet and do’s and don’ts that feeds survival emotions and one should avoid having 
  • In person meditation session once weekly followed by electronic assessment of energy centers. Depending on the result, modification of meditation practice.  

In a Nutshell – This is your personal development plan that allows you to get rid of survival emotions. It’s with a view to raise your energy and connect you to the potential (manifest) available in the quantum. The program is closely guided and monitored by the therapist available throughout the period. 

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