Sadhu Board

The experience of Sadhu Board (Standing On Nails) accompanied by sound healing is an awakening journey bringing you a deeper sense of connection to yourself. The Sadhu board is an instrument that can be used for mind and body transformation, working on inner fears, obsolete beliefs, and resentments.

Benefits of standing on nails

  • Standing on a yoga desk, due to the impact on acupuncture points, starts healing, cleansing and recovery processes in the body.
  • Standing on nails activates the internal energy of a person, helps to feel cheerfulness and a surge of strength. This practice also helps to normalize blood pressure, relax muscles and relieve tension in the body.
  • Short-term standing on nails helps to reboot, disconnect from worries and anxieties for a few minutes in order to return to the work process with renewed vigor. Thus, the yoga desk helps to increase productivity, for which many office workers and top managers fell in love with it.
  • This technique has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state: relieves stress, helps to cope with feelings of anxiety and even cheer up. In addition, standing on nails helps fight fear and better cope with negative emotions. As a nice bonus, you will learn to concentrate more easily and enter a meditative state faster.
  • Yoga desk also helps to develop willpower and awareness, teaches patience, and in the long run, overcoming yourself and training your will, you will feel increased self-confidence.
  • Standing on nails is a spiritual practice, which means that in the process you not only get to know your body better, but also get to know the depths of your own subconscious, understand yourself better, accept your strengths and weaknesses.

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