About Us

About Us
Kalani Lal | Investment Banker
Kalani Lal

An entrepreneur and a visionary, is a professional Investment Banker with over 20 years of experience in Banking & Finance. Being an accomplished Banker, he attained various accolades in the field of Finance & Real Estate. Mr. Kalani is well reputed in the banking circles of Middle East & India. It was only after tasting the epitome of success, did he realize that wealth cannot buy health, and that, the foundation of success and basis of happiness in life, is only good health. In order to have a fulfilled life with a balanced mind & body, he explored various wellness centers to understand the true meaning of wellness, and also to improve his own overall health & well-being. After experiencing significant improvement in his health, the concept of “WOW” was conceived - to pass on a balanced and a healthy lifestyle to many. Mr. Kalani wants to share his experience by giving back to the society, and hence WOW aims at helping individuals develop a healthier mind & body, as well as bring about a change in peoples’ lifestyle, to transform lives from “Wealth to Wellness”. WOW is the fusion of traditional therapies and contemporary techniques using modern advanced equipment.

Kavita Kalani | Co-founder
Kavita Kalani

Co-founder WOW, has been the soul behind Mr. Lal’s success. From facing critical health conditions at an early age to having a sound & healthier life, she has witnessed it all and managed to overcome daunting odds, leading us to a positive mindset of “Eat healthy, Workout regularly & Meditate equally along with maintaining a healthy & positive attitude.” A woman with high values and a Practitioner of Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and various other Holistic Wellness Practices, she has dedicated herself to promoting the values and ethics at WOW, helping people focus their energy towards improving their health & wellbeing.

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