Sleep Well Retreat

The Sleepwell Retreat is a customized curated program that includes:

1) Yog

Increases melatonin level thereby inducing sound sleep.

Jala Neti, Pranayama: improves the quality of respiration and calms down the nervous system.

Yog Nidra/ Sound Bath: the sound frequencies relax the brain allowing one to experience a high level of sleep pleasure.

2) Alternative/ Traditional Healing Modalities

Ayurvedic Treatment: Shirodhara reduces mental fatigue and initiates a soothing effect on our brain cells thereby relieving stress and improving sleep.

3) New Code NLP/ Holistic Psychotherapy/Rapid Transformation Therapy:

One-on- One sessions with the Practitioners, to equip one with mental tools that can address the underlying issues disturbing sleep.

4) Machine Treatments:

Andullation Therapy Bed: a pre-programmed bed to induce power naps and improve sleep patterns.

Foot Reflexology: to regulate disturbed sleep with the help of an ancient time-tested therapeutic copper plate massage, based on one’s body constituency (prakriti*).

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