Weight Management Program

Physical Workout:

  1. Yoga: Curated weight loss Yoga which is a combination of
    • Aerial Yoga – for flexibility and extensive core workout
    • Hatha Yoga/ Vinyasa flow/ Ashtanga
  2. EMS Training – For a 20 min rigorous workout that helps in body toning

Fat Burning Sessions:

  1. Lipo Cavitation: A non- invasive means for a sure shot inch loss that is effective on body parts such as abdomen, arms and Legs, face, love handles.
  2. Lymphatic Roll Shaper
  3. Ayurvedic therapeutic herbal massages – advised after a detailed consultation with our Ayurvedic Doctor

Diet and Lifestyle Remodeling:

  1. Based on the body constitution / Prakriti we set out customized weight loss recommendations in the diet and lifestyle.
  2. Juice Detox – 2 to 3 days Juice Detox help in cleansing the Gastrointestinal track, blood, liver, set right the metabolism, bring back the vitality and glow on the face.
  3. Weight Loss/ Multi Vitamins and Minerals Intra Venous Drip (IV Drip) to set right the metabolism and boost the weight loss process

Mental Wellness Sessions:

Since fat accumulation can be psycho somatic in nature and can result in behaviorssuch as impulsive eating, addictions, our one- on- one sessions for mental and emotional wellness through New Code NLP, Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), Holistic Psychotherapy can also help in destressing, calming the mind, overcoming unproductive habits, which further boosts the main objective of weight loss.

Duration: 2 Months (120 days) Customized Program

Get your Body, Festive Ready!!!

Sign up for a 2-month Weight Loss Program with Wealth of Wellness, which is a fusion of traditional modalities (Yoga, Ayurveda etc.) and advanced machine therapies for Inch loss!!! Results guaranteed with this unique inch loss and fat loss program!!!


Very happy that I found WOW center

I am very happy that I found WOW center which was absolutely by accident but now I think it was a destiny. I love the ambiance when you enter the center. All small details are very cut: flowers, books, etc., especially my forever favourite laughing Buddhas at the reception. Amazing atmosphere, relaxing calming music, lovely odour! Customer oriented reception staff - always smiling and ready to help. Classes are great. Sometimes we do things I would never believe I could do (just check the pics who knew I could do smthng like this). My flexibility level increased in only 3 weeks. Special thanks to Akshit (yoga classes) and Tara (aerial yoga, EMS trainings)- my favourite teachers. My GURU! Highly recommend to visit EMS sessions which will help to increase you strength. I enjoy very much my time with WOW family and definetely continue my jorney. Also I would suggest to come and vsit different events such as meditation sessions or sound healing sessions and more. All these things will definetely change your inner self and maybe help to overcome some challenges in life. It helped me a lot !!!!!! Thank you all!

It has truly changed my life

I have been going to this wellness center for meditation for a few weeks and it has truly changed my life. The atmosphere is so calming and the instructors are top-notch. Highly recommend! Special mention to Mark Lester for introducing me to this wellness lifestyle and to Lou for guiding me how to achieve my wellness goals. Bravo to both of them!

Julia Robert
This wellness center was top-notch!

The yoga class at this wellness center was top-notch! The teacher gave excellent instructions and helped me to get deep into poses that I never thought I could do. The staff were also accomodating. Thanks so much!

Krisha Tebangin
Instructor was amazing

The meditation class at this wellness center was wonderful. The ambiance was so calm and relaxing, and the instructor was amazing. I felt so refreshed afterwards. Definitely going back again!

Environment very calming

The meditation class at this wellness center was exactly what I needed. The instructor was great and the environment very calming. I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. Can't wait to come back!

Ben Goméz Red
It was fantastic

Just attended a yoga class at this wellness center and it was fantastic. The instructor was very knowledgeable and made sure that we all had the proper form. I learned a lot and felt great afterwards!

Mary Grace Dauz
Excellent place

Excellent place...very good teachers....and staff

Mallika Ravi

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