W.O.W Practitioner

His style of delivery is to clearly explain the WHAT, WHY and How about Asanas, Meditation and Yogic Philosophy, making the practice approachable for everyone, of every level and from any walk of life. Yogi-Mohit Tyagi loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with his pupils, aspiring teachers and practitioners, so that they can further impart and pass on the knowledge wisely, sustainably and mindfully. His detail-orientedness and acknowledgement of every individual’s uniqueness, encourages them to love and celebrate who they are. Reigniting this love of their own unique perfection, in turn brings about the change in his pupils, which further helps them to connect with themselves, with others and the world at large with grace.
Yogi Tyagi strongly believes that Yoga is 99% practical and applicable in real life.
Monday to Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed