W.O.W Practitioner

Practicing Holistic Approaches Include:

Tara specializes in personal training and group programs for aerial yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, body contouring, cross fit training, body pumping with minimal weights or body weight training and body stretching & alignment. She uses modern machine training (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) in conjunction with traditional modalities for better slimming/weight management/body toning results and achieving set goals. She carries know-how about correct and safe stretching, strengthening postures and muscle corset using the Pilates technique. She is able to help her clients find peace and unity with their soul through her Yoga Practice.
That’s not all, if you love to dance, dream of discovering your potential in dancing and femininity, then Tara can help you with this too. Her philosophy when working with clients is – Every person is beautiful & unique and a personal trainer makes it possible to bring out that beauty in the world.
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